TU 05.04.2016
Plaza, Zürich

ACTOR is the alias of Louisa Osborn, collaborating Producer Chris Mulligan and Drummer Ste Anderson, who started writing their caustic and atmospheric alt-pop in a murky art space once home to a bomb factory in Leeds.

The songs by ACTOR feature exaggerated tales of larger-than-life characters personifying experiences of social anxiety, relationship breakdowns and constant migraines.  On how she writes Louisa says 'Each song has this detached narrative that draws you into the stories behind it. I like to feel like I'm Actor and storyteller, ultimately immersed in every song but not defined by anything or anyone within them'.

With first track 'Feline' ACTOR's brooding vocal floats over a hypnotic back beat and rumbling bass, which caught the attention of 25 hype machine blogs posting in the first week of Actor's existence with one describing the track as a 'stop-you-in-your-tracks, freeze time type of debut that doesn’t take your breath away so much as it flat out knocks the wind out of you'. The track also landed across 6music and Amazing radio.

The follow-up 'Swim' takes a darker path, and has a moody and explosive slow-build with lyrics loosely based on themes in Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel 'The Scarlet Letter' - a story based on purity, sin and dignity. On the themes of the track Louisa states "I wanted Swim to reflect the strangeness of having sinful thoughts float in and out of our minds, and the idea of how true beauty can only occur when good and bad elements combine."

With a growing clutch of songs varying in mood from sharp-edged ballads to brittle alt-rock ACTOR have a suitably incendiary element to their music in live shows.