WE 26.10.2016
Neo, Zürich

Folly & the Hunter are the Montréal band comprised of Nick Vallee, Chris Fox, Laurie Torres, and Phil Creamer – 4 people from different backgrounds who met through the chance of a Craigslist ad. Their recorded output traces the arc of an intimate relationship: if 2011's debut Residents represents the meet-cute; and the emotional gravity of Tragic Care (2013) is the inevitability of settling into commitment; recording their newest album Awake represents their experiences cumulating with celebratory optimism for the future.

Awake was recorded at Toronto's Revolution Studios in the summer, and was produced and mixed by Howie Beck (Hayden, Feist, Barenaked Ladies). Written primarily while touring across North America and Europe, Awake sees the band growing from their folk foundations into a polished pop aesthetic. Lead singer and lyricist Nick Vallee believes recording Awake outside of Montreal and working with Howie was a motivating factor in the band's new direction: "Recording with Howie in Toronto helped us step out of our old modes, and into new ways of writing songs. We pushed beyond our comfort zone, and it brought a new energy to the music."

The band experienced catharsis from the heartbreak and loss on their acclaimed sophomore album while touring Europe & North America in support of indie act Half Moon Run and as a result, Awake exudes that optimistic outlook.

Reflecting on the joys and struggles of life as full-time musicians, songs like "Small Victories" and "Arrow" show the band's clarity and dedication. On quieter album-closer "Science", the bare instrumentation and humble lyrics explore emotions of commitment and the struggle with mundanity in day-to-day-life. The sessions also solidified the full-time role of long-time collaborator Phil Creamer, whose multi-instrumental talents energized their varied approach to the studio.

Folly & the Hunter are excited to share the album trailer and album's title track "Awake". Starting this summer & fall, the band will continue their rigorous touring schedule throughout the world in support of Awake.