SA 22.10.2016
Case à Chocs, Neuchâtel

Koreless is the project of Welsh producer Lewis Roberts. Born and raised in Bangor, one of the smallest cities in the UK, Roberts relocated to Glasgow aged 18 spending four years studying naval architecture. Taking his studies beyond the classroom, he spent his summer holidays ship building while honing a hidden craft, his music. Young Turks made the first introduction to Koreless back in 2010, via Jamie xx, to the track ‘Up Down Up Down’, when he invited Koreless on his first trip to London, to play their series at The Alibi, alongside contemporaries Bullion, Pariah, Sampha and Kwes. After officially signing with Young Turks in 2013, some acclaimed releases have appeared since, such as the dystopian ‘Yugen EP’ released the same year receiving discerning praise from the music press.

Following such successes, Koreless’s music has extended to the film world, with his title track ‘Never’ used in the Jason Reitman 2014 movie ‘Men, Women & Children‘ whilst his live show experimentation with classical string quartets and much more have subsequently seen the producer play dates with revered band Mogwai in 2014 and tour with Caribou in 2015.

Proving his reach stretches far beyond the clubbing audiences of electronic music, Koreless has been invited to take part in art based projects and installations at the Tate Modern, the Barbican and at FutureEverything Festival in Moscow where he teamed up with Emmanuel Biard to produce a live show using light & sound reflection along with a special vocal performance from a Russian Orthodox choir. In April 2015, Koreless joined artists such as James Holden and Luke Abbott in order to celebrate the work and influence of minimalist composer Terry Riley.

Remarkable in his restraint, Koreless’ music stands out for it’s sophistication despite it’s simplicity.