FR 04.11.2016
Schüür, Luzern

“Heads and Tales” contains 13 original KYTES songs, all written and produced by the band.
For those of you who prefer the retro effect, the release will be available on vinyl as well, so dust off that turntable and set it to 33 and one third.

KYTES’ philosophy is “that your future and creative potential lies in your own hands, those who seek will find, and you can´t get anywhere without first making the journey, so don´t get stressed out, do what makes you feel good, main thing is you get out there and do it.“
So the decision that all four band members wind down their day gigs and concentrate 100% on the music is indeed reflective of these beliefs. Perfect self-reliance won´t come overnight, but doing gigs at Melt, Dockville Festival and the up and coming Autumn tour will certainly get the ball rolling in the right direction. By the time of the release date of “Heads And Tales“, this process and the first leg of this journey will be more complete.

KYTES make a point of staying away from text passages containing the word love, at least for now, because they believe it’s simply been milked dry by too many other artists of late. That’s not to say they are afraid of themes that tackle emotions and feelings, they just relate to them in that special KYTES-like way, using a more subtle and obscure description with parallel meanings and double entendre.

On the other hand nothing about KYTES’ music could be said to be misleading or not understood.
Songs like “I Got Something“, “Head To Toe“ or “Future Kids“ give you that gentle kick in the backside, others like “Talk“ or “In The Morning“ get more reflective, but, in the end, the sun is still shining for the listener.