SA 11.03.2017
Décal'Quai, Montreux

Juniore’s debut 7 inch, which was released in 2013, had won people’s hearts both in France and abroad thanks to their characteristic pop songs, combining sweet nostalgia with a modern twist, sensual french melodies drowned in reverb and featherlight drum rolls. The band came back with a new record, yet another haunting double A-side.

When the hypnotic and dreamy "La Fin du monde" begins, Anna's soft voice pulls us in, to tell us the story of a make-believe apocalypse, filled with guitars, delight and melancholy ("While you're waiting for the end of the world to end", she sings tongue in cheek).
Cowritten with Jerôme Echenoz, also from the label Entreprise, "Marche" is a racing tune, mixing old school melodies with modern lyrics and reminding us of Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns, stretching out time and space. "It's morning, the night is over", says Anna. But these words will echo in our minds, inviting us to step even further into her « hypernuit », at once dark and illuminated, tense and reassuring.

Juniore is a 3 girls-and-a-boy band lead by Anna Jean (who recently featured on 2 songs on Jackson and his computer band latest album) and produced by Samy Osta (who’s also produced french wunderkids La Femme).