FR 17.03.2017
La Gravière, Genève

After unveiling their identities, the Berlin-meets-Honolulu duo 18+ has released two albums and a mixtape filled with leftfield pop music. They have established an idiosyncratic sound that’s sexually charged, experimental and raw. Justin and
Samia started out as a mysterious internet act that stood out with intriguing videos and songs reflecting the digital age
in which we live. On their latest record ‘Collect’, 18+ prove they’re still one of the few pop acts that succeeds in capturing the current zeitgeist and reflecting it with an equally contemporary aesthetic.

As you might have noticed, France plays an important part in today’s underground scene. Next to Lauren Auder, Malibu
and M-O-R-S-E one of the most bright faces is definitely Oklou. Supported by Red Bull Music Academy and Benji B, she’s
definitely on the verge of a breakthrough. Since releasing the ‘AVRIL EP’ the Parisian artist has only refined her craft.
Influenced by the likes of Arca and Burial her post-club tracks strike a moody yet beautiful balance between a dreamy,
surreal otherworldliness and the safe haven that’s called the dancefloor. Oklou contributed to Staycore’s latest compilation,
which actually makes further recommendations unnecessary.

Compared to the other acts on the Product tour’s line-up, Pictureplane is definitely what you could call a veteran. Travis
Egedy made a name for himself as a producer with a punk aesthetic who was often compared to HEALTH and Crystal
Castles. He refined his sound to an internet-ready collage of pop, electronic music and said punk attitude to something
that’s as eccentric as it’s controversial and terribly cool and uncool at the same. Fun fact: This Goth Star was the first one to
coin the term witch house - his own alt-rave music however is more of tongue-in-cheek kind of darkwave.

Sega Bodega & Coucou Chloe (Y1640)
Y1640 is a collaborative project of Sega Bodega and coucou chloé. The former is a producer from Glasgow who hosts
a monthly NTS show and has released an EP through Slugabed’s label Activia Benz, the latter is a singer and producer
from London, by way of Nice, who recently signed with Creamcake for her first record. Together they make cluboriented songs that recall the deconstructionist approaches of today’s most exciting new producers. No wonder they’ve
already collaborated with Planet Mu’s unruly Russian-Ukranian duo WWWINGS.