Renowned for having one of the most exciting, creative and innovative live shows around, the visionary Belgians mix audio and visual in real time, with amazing animations of the accompanying record sleeves projected onto giant screens. These shows are not to be missed.

To coincide with the tour 2manydjs will launch their Radio Soulwax online radio station this summer, with their vision of musical anarchy highlighted in 24 hours of audio visual diversity. Brand new mixes, guests, themed hours and a unique visual element will combine to create truly original radio programming.

This hugely ambitious and totally original concept brings the Dewaele’s pretty much full circle with their origins – as masters and commanders of their very own online radio station. The brothers launched Radio Soulwax at the very start of their career, and it, in turn, spawned the 2 Many DJs bootlegs and album proper. Now however, with almost a decade’s worth of experience behind them, they are ready to take it all to the next level. Tune in.