Initially the story about Nikolaj Grandjean is one of adaptation. And contrasts. Dealing with a heritage of fitting in. Growing up in an environment, rather different from the others’, keeping peace, makes the kid bicultural. Making music and insisting on staying honest, have later become and essential path. Insisting on telling his truth. This is now. Obviously many things lead to this.

For many years Grandjean played in various rock bands, but never really enjoyed having to share the song writing with others. Grandjean joined with singer Tanja Thulau and producer Per Vibskov on a quest to conquer the world with great pop music and signed with Sony. After working on an album for 3 years , the album was dropped by the label, and Grandjean proclaims, in equals parts of anger and disappointment, that he is from now on a song writer and his dreams of being discovered young – with world domination to follow – comes to an abrupt full stop.

During recordings with Luke on a mountainside in Brazil, Grandjean gets quite handy with the recording devices and with close friend, opera singer Mikkel Lomborg, by his side, he decides to start recording his own material as a proclaimed singer. This partnership defines a radical change in Grandjeans life and career. A vision of nearness and playfulness is put into music and label man, DJ, producer and recording artist, Kenneth Bager picks up on the idea. The result is the solo debut, ‘Carrying Stars’, released April 2008.

Since then Grandjean has been touring around the world, playing more than a hundred shows. Live he is joined by Mikkel Lomborg and Christian Winther. Once again insisting on bringing the truth, keeping everything close and alive.