As I’m sure you are more than aware now, Peeping Tom is the new pop project from fearless music pioneer and vocal gymnast, Mike Patton. Peeping Tom is his most accessible work since his days in Faith No More, a product of his tireless collaborative effort during the last five years. Press for the Peeping Tom album has been full of praise with UNCUT declaring the record as “a great exercise in editing, pilfering and megahip, funked-up lateral thinking”. TIMEOUT tried to define the record as “an album heavy on the beats and textured atmospherics, Patton’s distinctive voice being the vital, cohesive cement”, but only came close, the actual record is so much more than anyone had bargained for. MOJO is the lead single off the album, a slick slab of edgy pop with funk at it’s core, surrounded by traces of rock and lots of noise, which Q Magazine ensists “recalls Patton’s former band at their best.” MOJO will be available on a limited edition coloured vinyl 7” and also an enhanced CD single.