Colleen is the alias of French musician Cécile Schott, who has released five critically-acclaimed albums since 2003, with the last one Captain of None on American label Thrill Jockey in April 2015. Over the past eleven years she has played close to 200 concerts all over the world, and her music has been used in countless films, documentaries, TV and radio programs, as well as in dance and art productions.

Her fifth album "Captain of None" sees her using her voice and the fingerpicked viola da gamba as her main instruments, with production heavily influenced by 1970s Jamaican dub, while retaining a unique approach to both instrumental and sung music that can be traced back to her preceding works. The album got wide acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork (7.6 "…the album’s architecture is so compelling…pieces like "I’m Kin" and the title track positively vibrate with melodic ideas"), Resident Advisor (4/5 " But more important than what jumps out at you is what doesn't: silence, delay and the hypnotic effect of repetition are as much instruments as the musical instruments themselves. Those are all qualities we usually associate with techno, and that's where Schott really shines.")