Amsterdam based indie rock trio Bombay return with long-awaited sophomore LP Show Your Teeth. 

The album’s title couldn't be a more fitting description of Bombay's next musical chapter. After two years of restless experimenting with lo-fi equipment and nineties rock influences, the group experienced a sense of disharmony, and a musical transformation had to take place. As a result Linda van Leeuwen has passed the torch to Lisa Ann Jonker.
Multi-instrumentalist Mathias Janmaat remains the group's driving creative force. Naturally, his writing became influenced by these circumstances: Show Your Teeth feels more introspective than acclaimed predecessor Vulture / Provider, adding an expanding sonic palette and emotional depth to their sound. 

Bittersweet opener Dolly Doesn't Want To Face The Facts shimmers like some kind of hazy dystopian sunset, recalling fellow pop dissidents MGMT, Phoenix and Gorillaz. Centre-piece Slow Motion unleashes lust for life energy through its rave-like floor tom beats and jarring post-punk guitars. The ramshackle nineties grunge track Bored obtusely touches base with writer's block and apathy. 

Even if there appears to be more of a weightiness to Bombay's music, it never meddles with the band's ability to come up with instantly appealing pop hooks. Gold Rush's suspenseful gloom and Bleach's uncanny space boogie still bring this undeniable immediacy. Bombay's newfangled songwriting smarts reach their peak with double-dealing closer Lighten The Low. Languid, detached guitar lines and devil-may-care vocals become frenetically at odds with the simmering, majestic chorus. 

Following the release of their eclectic garage pop debut, their explosive live shows gained notoriety across the globe, captivating audiences in small clubs and larger venues alike. The band's wanderlust has been rewarded with slots at Best Kept Secret (Netherlands), Dour (Belgium), Reeperbahn (Germany), La Vieilles Charrues (France), SXSW (US), and The Great Escape (UK).

Bombay is:
Mathias Janmaat - vocals, guitars
Gijs Loots - bassguitar
Lisa Ann Jonker - drums