What if analog synths and multilayered trombones were the perfect match? What if piano ballads were the new rap anthems? What if Kanye West and Justin Vernon made a band with the Roots? What if RnB, Folk, Hip Hop and Electro were just one?

Fabe Gryphin is one of those artists that simply doesn’t fit in a box and clearly doesn’t intend to. Mixing influences ranging from Kendrick Lamar to Chet Faker, the songwriter’s world is shaped with the help of four jazz rooted musicians with a taste for experimentation.

They released their first album “Street & Flower : Summer X TIME” in 2016, a hybrid project blending hip hop, jazz, pop and rock influences, that plays as the soundtrack of a man’s journey to find his purpose and his path to unleash the artist within.
The band is currently working on their next EP planned for early spring 2018.