FR 19.05.2017
Gonzo, Zürich

For both members involved, Lea Porcelain feels like a project that was meant to happen. Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus still can’t put a finger on why everything clicked when they first shared a recording space and made music, but it did. Nor can anyone truly fixate on why the duo’s music - a hybrid of genres, orbiting different worlds between songs - is affecting so many people inside and outside the industry. Before this project, Bracht and Nikolaus were working within completely separate musical spheres. Bracht was a successful techno producer touring the world, Nikolaus a go-to independent musician, navigating between Berlin and the rest of the world.

From the start, they shared one thing in common. Both frequented legendary club Robert Johnson, in Frankfurt. Bracht was a regular fixture, and Nikolaus was drawn to the way his future bandmate favoured live instrumentation over the norm. “I was impressed that there could be so much soul in this club music,” he remembers. Both still pursued their separate paths, but they kept in touch. “We said from the beginning that there would be a time we’d try something new,” Bracht says.

“Not many bands can sound completely different from one track to the other and still be themselves,” they say. Musical heroes include Radiohead, a band who transgress and reinvent without fail, while still retaining their trademark. No matter the genre, range of instruments or sound palette, their presence is unmistakable. Eventually, Lea Porcelain want to have this effect, this idea that “when the track starts, you know it’s them.” Every song is tied together by the duo’s ethos, their free approach towards making music. In the standout moments of their debut, everything spills outwards, drums cascading into the distance, a cross between self-destruction and complete euphoria. A full-length is complete, but the pair are taking their time before showing their full hand. Until now, they’ve kept these songs guarded, anticipating the right moment for everyone to hear them. In 2016, 2017, and onwards, one of the most exciting new bands is going to turn heads.