SA 12.08.2017
Sur Le Lac, Eggersriet

Klyne - 22 year old producer Ferdous Dehzad and singer Nick Klein - first caught everybody’s attention with their critically acclaimed debut Paralyzed EP for Aesop, as well as their maiden remix, a rework of Disclosure’s Omen feat. Sam Smith. Don’t Stop, their Because Music debut, was released earlier this year; its stunning video was directed by acclaimed choreographer and film maker Holly Blakey. Water Flow was one of the first songs the duo made together after the childhood friends reconnected at the dawn of their twenties and bonded over their love of soul and electronic music. Written, recorded, produced and mixed in Dehzad’s childhood bedroom, Klein ducked out of his then-day job at Dominos pizza to join his partner in laying down vocals in a makeshift booth constructed from a pair of old mattresses.